The prayers of Sha’baniya were published with the handwriting attributed to Imam Hussein (as)

One of the rituals of the month of Sha’ban is to recite the prayers of Sha’ban
Ibn Khalawiyyah has narrated that these prayers of Amir al-Mu’minin and the Imams are from his children (peace be upon them) who recited them in the month of Sha’ban.
The Central Library of Astan Quds Razavi has published the text of these prayers with the handwriting attributed to Imam Hussein at the same time as the birthday of Hazrat Aba Abdullah Al-Hussein (as).
The handwriting attributed to Imam Hussein (as) has been revived and recreated from the Quran No. 3382 of the Central Library of Astan Quds Razavi by the muazzin of the shrine of Imam Reza (as) (Hamid Rabei).

It should be noted that Quran No. 3382 is the only Quran attributed to Imam Hussein (as) in Astan Quds Razavi, which was donated to Astan Quds Razavi by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and has now been published in 32 pages along with its translation
Download Sha’baniya prayers with handwriting attributed to Imam Hussein (as)


O God, send greetings to Muhammad and Alash

 And immediately when I call on you, answer my prayer, and whenever I call on you, listen to my voice.

 And immediately when I am in pain with you, pay attention to me that I have fled to you and I am standing in your presence while I am crying and wailing towards you in a state of distress.

 And I hope in what is with you, and you are aware of my heart, and you know my request, and you know me.

 And nothing of the affairs of this world and the hereafter is hidden from you

 And what I want to say in language and speak of my own will, and what I hope for your good fortune, you all know.

 And the verdict of your destiny on me, my lord, is valid and valid in my heart and appearance until the end of my life.

 And all the excesses, deficiencies, gains and losses came to me, all in your hands, not in the hands of others

 O God, if you deprive me of your sustenance, who can provide for me, and if you humiliate me, who can help me?

 O God, I seek refuge in You from Your wrath and Your wrath

 O God, if I do not deserve your mercy, but you deserve to forgive me of your infinite grace and mercy

 O my God, it is as if I am standing in your presence now, and my trust in you has cast a shadow of grace over me, and you have done with me what is worthy of your mercy and kindness, and your forgiveness has forgiven me.

 O God, if you forgive me, who deserves more forgiveness than you?

 And if my death is near and my righteous deed does not bring me closer to you, I have also used my confession of sins as a means of forgiveness.

 God, I have wronged myself in my attention to myself, so oh woe to me if you do not forgive him

 O God, just as kindness and benevolence have been with me all my life, so do not deprive me of benevolence even when I die.

 O God, how can I be disappointed in your benevolence after my death, when you have done nothing but goodness and benevolence with me all my life?

 O God, do to me what is in your honor, not what is worthy of me, and again have mercy and forgiveness on the sinner who has sunk in the well of sin out of ignorance.

 O God, you hid my sins from all the people in this world, and I need to hide you from the world in the Hereafter.

 And since you have been gracious and have not revealed my sins to any righteous servant, do not disgrace me in the presence of the rest of the people on the Day of Resurrection.

 God, your forgiveness is the source of my wide desire and your forgiveness is better than my deed

 O God, on the day when you judge between your servants, make me happy to be one with you on that day, O God, I apologize to you as someone who is in dire need of accepting an apology.

 So accept my apology, O most honorable one, from whom the sinners apologize.

 O God, do not reject my need and do not deprive my greedy hand of you and do not cut off my hope and desire from your grace and dignity

 O God, I know that if you had the will to humiliate me, you would not have exalted me with guidance and kindness, and if you had wanted to disgrace me, you would not have forgiven me in this world.

 O my God, I never think to you that my need for you and that I have spent my life seeking Him is in vain.

 O God, praise be to You, eternal and everlasting praise that increases and never perishes as you love and like.

 O God, if you accuse me of my guilt, I will accuse you of forgiveness, and if you hold me accountable for my sins, I will ask you for your forgiveness.

 And if you take me to the fire of Hell, I will inform the people of the Fire that I loved you

 O God, if my action in the face of your obedience is small, in the face of my hope in your forgiveness is great

 O God, how can I turn away from the door of grace and despair if I was very wary of your benevolence that you have mercy on me and make me one of the saviors in the end?

 O God, I have ruined my life with pain and neglect of you, and I have exhausted my youth in drunkenness after you.

 O God, I did not wake up one day when I was proud of your forgiveness and I was going to your torment and anger

 O God, I am your servant and the child of your servant, who I have stood in your presence and I have placed your forgiveness and mercy towards you as my means.

 O God, I am the servant who has come to you to apologize for the ugly deeds that I have committed in my presence and in my eyes due to my lack of modesty.

 And I ask you for forgiveness and forgiveness, which is a description of your good character

 O God, I have no power to turn from sin unless you awaken me with love and affection.

 Or as you want me to be and thank you for bringing me into your honor and purifying my heart from the filth of negligence.

O God, look at me as you did to the one whom you called and he obeyed and you made him obey and he obeyed you

 O near one who will never turn away from you who has been deceived, and O the benefactor who will never be stingy with someone who hopes to forgive you.

 O God, give me a heart that is eager to approach you, and give me a language so that His righteous words may reach you and the view of the truth that seeks to meet you.

 O God, the one who became famous to you will never be ignorant and anonymous, and whoever seeks refuge in you will never be humiliated, and whoever you pay attention to will never become another slave.

 O God, whoever came to you became enlightened, and whoever took refuge in you took refuge, and I took refuge in you, so you, O God.

 Do not despair of my optimism with your mercy, and do not hide me from the light of your compassion and care.

O God, grant me the position of anxious among your saints in the hope of increasing your love.

 O God, make me wonder at your remembrance and stop my efforts on joy and prosperity in your names and your holy position.

 O God, swear by your pure nature and the right that is upon you to create me, to join me to your obedient people and grant me a worthy home from your position of satisfaction and contentment.

 That I am not able to repel evil from myself or gain benefit for myself

 O God, I am the weak servant of the sinner and the possessor of repentance, flawed and flawed, so do not place me among those from whom you turn away and who have been veiled in negligence of your forgiveness.

 O God, grant me a complete cut to Yourself and enlighten the eyes of our hearts to the light that sees your light.

 Until he saw our insight tear the veils of light and be connected to the light of your greatness and our souls be tied to the sanctuary of your honor

 O God, make me one of those who, when you call on Him, will answer you, and when you realize Him, He will be enchanted by the reflection of your glory and majesty, so you will tell a secret to him inwardly, and he Apparently he is busy with your work

 O God, do not be dominated by optimism and despair over you, and do not separate my hope from the skirt of your goodness.

 O God, if my mistakes have humiliated me before you, forgive me because of my good faith in you.

 O God, if my sins take me away from your grace and dignity, my place of certainty will remind me of your mercy and compassion.

 And if negligence awakens me from preparing to join you in a proud sleep, my knowledge will awaken to your great blessings.

 O God, if your eagle and revenge called me to the fire of hell, your reward and provision invited me to eternal paradise.

 O God, then I ask you whatever I want and I cry to your honor with wailing and lamentation and longing and I ask you to send greetings to your last prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the children of Muhammad

 And make me one of those who remember you constantly and never break your covenant, and do not forget your gratitude for a moment, and do not take your command lightly.

 O God, join me to the light of your dignity, whose majesty and cheerfulness is higher than any pleasure, so that I may know you and turn my face away from you, and fear you and take care of your command.

 O God of Glory, Majesty, and peace be upon His Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) and upon his pure family, peace and blessings be upon him.

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